Coronavirus more deadly for men than for women bombshell report reveals

Researchers claim the coronavirus has killed more men than women since it began its deadly spread around the world.

Experts in the US believe the underlying cause why men could be dying at a greater rate than women is due to general poor health, partly brought on by excessive drinking and smoking.

Dr Deborah Birx, the White House’s coronavirus response coordinator, said at a briefing on Friday her team had been looking at death rates in Italy.

She added: “From Italy we’re seeing another concerning trend. That the mortality in males seems to be twice in every age group of females.”

It comes after it was found nearly 60% of people who had tested positive for coronavirus and more than 70% of those who died in the country were men.

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The trend also appeared in South Korea where more men died from the disease, despite more women testing positive for it.

Research institute Global Health 50/50, which examines gender inequality in health, released the figures that made for alarming reading.

It found in Italy, for every 10 female deaths there were about 24 more males deaths.

In China for every 10 women, 18 men died.

The trend continued in Germany and Iran where 16 and 14 men died to every 10 men, respectively.

Concerning news about the death rate comes as the youngest person to die from COVID-19 was named as Chloe Middleton who was 21 when she passed away.

Chloe Middleton reportedly had no underlying health problems, and her family have described on Facebook the "unimaginable pain" they are going through after her shocking death.

Her family is urging people to follow government advice to stay at home.

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