Coronavirus: Okanagan film festival created for filmmakers to stay connected

The clock is ticking for Okanagan filmmakers competing in the first Okanagan Society of Independent Filmmaking’s 48-hour challenge.

The filmmakers have only 48 hours to write, star in and edit a short film. To make things even harder, it has to be a science fiction film and they must include a butter knife and use an obscure line of dialogue, “there’s a kitten in the kitchen.”

“It’s a great opportunity to get filmmakers’ creative juices going again,” said Tyler Messervey, O.S.I.F board member and participant.

The 48 vol. 1 film challenge is planned to be one of many scheduled throughout the year. The competition is keeping the tight-knit film community together while pushing them outside their comfort zones.

“We are filming it all ourselves,” said Noah M. Dorsey, O.S.I.F member at large and participant.

All the short films can be viewed Friday, May 8, online on the film society’s website,, where a winner will be announced.

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