Councils banned from using words like mum and dad thanks to new rule

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A new rule has come into force banning council staff from using everyday words and phrases in a bid to promote inclusivity.

Words such as "dad" and "mum" will face the chop, with "parent" or "birthing parent" being used in their place, while terms including "foreign people", "handicapped", "minority" and "caucasian" are now also deemed inappropriate.

Referring to disabled or able ­bodied staff is also discouraged in 339 English councils and 22 in Wales.

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A spokesperson from the Local Government Association told the Daily Star: “Councils are committed to ensuring that everyone is treated with dignity and respect.

"This guide, produced in line with the Government’s equalities legislation and professional research, is designed to help councils ensure that everyone in their communities is supported and respected when they look to their local public services for help.”

The 18-page Inclusive Language Guide, shared via email by the Local Government Association's chief executive Mark Lloyd CBE, added that said the phrase "good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen" should be replaced with "good afternoon, everyone”.

It explains: “People who are not ‘ladies’ or ‘gentleman’ may recognise the difference, feel included and that they belong.”

The document, authored by Laurelle Brown Training and Consultancy, outlined 12 principles to help make councillors' language more inclusive, such as "Respecting people from marginalised and minoritised backgrounds" and "The lasting impact of history".

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The guide also stated that councillors' efforts to change their language were important as "experiences of trauma, racial trauma and ­exclusion are already experienced at ­disproportionately higher rates by LGBTQ+, black and neurodivergent people in the workplace."

However, not everyone was welcoming of the new guidelines.

A senior local government source told the Sun : "This hogwash really does ­beggar belief.

"Local government workers are in it to make people’s lives better, and treat everyone with dignity and respect.

"This guide is woke, patronising codswallop."

And users on Twitter who learned about the new guidelines were also sceptical at best.

One user said: "The Inclusive Language Guide should be banned."

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