COVID-19 adds new wrinkle to police response in New Brunswick

The COVID-19 outbreak has put added pressure on police to ensure the safety of the public and themselves when they are called to a scene where the virus may be present.

But several police forces in New Brunswick say they’re ready.

The Kennebecasis Regional Police Force (KRPF) was once of the first forces to put that the test.

On Thursday they were called to a home on Hampton Road in Rothesay, N.B., after a dispute erupted among a group of people, two of whom were being accused of not self-isolating after recent international travel.

A man was arrested for assault after allegedly coughing, on purpose, in the face of another individual.

The post office in Rothesay was shutdown when, through the course of the investigation, it was learned the two recent travellers had allegedly visited there.

Insp. Anika Becker of the KRPF said this was the force’s first call of this type since the outbreak began. But she said officers were ready.

“All of our officers have been issued personal protective equipment,” Becker said. “This includes things such as goggles and face masks, gloves. And they’ve all been trained on how to use them. You’ll see that will be quite normal from now on.”

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