Covid 19 coronavirus: Dr Rawiri Taonui says a quarter of Māori will resist vaccination

Originally published by Māori Television

Dr Rawiri Taonui says he is pleased with the $30 million being invested in Māori health infrastructure to support the coronavirus vaccination programme, saying it’s a big improvement to this time last year.

“At the beginning of testing, the Government had provided very little support.”

Taonui says part of that funding will be used to deal with those who are hesitant about the vaccine.

“There is resistance there, so the programme looks to provide resources to deal with that, but it will be a big challenge.

“My estimate is that maybe a quarter of Māori will resist vaccination.”

About 18,000 frontline border workers and their families have received the first of two jabs and will become fully vaccinated next week.

People at higher risk if they catch Covid-19 are next in line, followed by older people with relevant health conditions living in South Auckland, then aged care residents.

The relevant health conditions to get early access to the vaccine include coronary heart disease, hypertension, stroke, diabetes, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease/chronic respiratory conditions, kidney disease, cancer and pregnant women.

From May, those over 70, then those over 65 will be offered the vaccine, before it’s available to the remaining population in July.

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