Covid denier mum who posed as journalist to take pics of ’empty hospitals’ fined

A Covid denier who snuck into UK hospitals to take photos which she claimed proved wards were "empty" has been fined £200 for the stunt.

Hannah Dean, 30, posed as a journalist to gain entry to several hospitals so she could snap photos of quiet corridors which she then posted to social media, claiming they were proof the pandemic has been overblown.

But the mum-of-two had photographed areas which don't form part of the frontline against coronavirus.

She claimed to have taken the pictures at the Queen Alexandra Hospital in Portsmouth, Hampshire, Southampton General hospital, the Princess Royal University hospital near Bromley, Kent and St Richard's Hospital in Chichester, West Sussex.

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Dean, a fitness instructor who claims to be a "registered journalist", wrote in the Facebook post: "QA Queen Alexandra… hospital is the quietest I have ever seen it.

"I know this is hard to get our heads around, but the government are lying to us."

Dean also urged her followers to go to other hospitals and film their own videos.

Her behaviour has been slammed by NHS workers who are under more pressure than ever before as hospitalisations reach an all-time high.

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In response, Portsmouth Police said in a social media post: "Some of you will have seen the reports of persons attending local hospitals, taking photos of parts of the hospital that are not on the frontline in the fight against Covid-19, and using the images to suggest are hospitals are not being stretched.

"These actions have caused angst in the community, and have prompted a number of calls to us reporting the posts.

"We have identified the source of the posts and have today issued a fixed penalty notice to the person responsible under the Health Protection Regulations 2020.

"Our colleagues across the NHS are working flat out to fight this virus, and we are all grateful for their continued efforts.

"There has been lots of publicity this weekend about us all doing our bit to stick to the rules and guidelines to support our NHS – we urge each and everyone of you to do the same."

Hampshire Police confirmed Dean received a £200 fine for not having a valid reason for leaving her home.

She had earlier boasted that she "hadn't heard from police in a week" and said officers had "no grounds to detain me".

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Earlier this month Dean wrote: "I can't wait until our government hears my desperate crys [sic] and puts full restrictions on my movement, restricting me from certain areas of my cage…. it can't come soon enough.

"Thank god for this new rushed through vaccine that nobody will be held accountable for in the event of it causing injury or even death! Because the way I see it is, A few deaths caused by vaccines, is a small price to pay to save a few lives."

Last week NHS Chief Sir Simon Stevens said claims hospitals are empty are "simply true".

"When people say that coronavirus is a hoax, it is a lie," he told a Downing Street briefing.

"If you sneak into a hospital at 9pm and film an empty corridor and then stick it on social media claiming it 'proves hospitals are empty', you are responsible for changing behaviour that will kill people.

"It is also an insult for the nurse coming home from 12 hours working in critical care having worked her guts out under the most demanding and trying of circumstances.

"There is nothing more demoralising than having that kind of nonsense spouted when it is most obviously untrue."

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