Curious tribeswomen mesmerised by tattoos and take first selfie with tourists

A pair of backpackers have had an amazing encounter with African tribeswomen who ended up taking selfies with them.

Full-time travel blogger Tom Grond and his pal Chris met two young women from the Wodaabe and Fulani tribes in Niger when they visited the West African country.

In the video, Chris is seen showing his tattoos to the tribeswomen.

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The women grab Chris' arm and touch the inking of an Ethiopian man.

"People are so obsessed with this [the tattoo], oh look another one, beautiful?" Tom turns to their guide, who translates it to them.

One of them points at the face in the second tattoo and smiles.

As Chris continues to film, they suddenly turn to him and look into the camera.

They giggle after seeing themselves in the screens, as Tom said: "So funny that they have never seen themselves on camera, that's so cool."

He added: "They had clearly never seen anything like this and while recording the video the ladies also kept staring at the phone and were very curious about it.

"When I showed them that I was recording they got so surprised to see themselves on the screen.

"It was an amazing encounter to run into people that still are amazed by something which is completely normal to us."

Tom explained that he was not able to properly communicate with the tribes, despite having some translators and guides, so he could not confirm if this was the first time they saw a tattoo or smartphone.

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Tom and Chris were there to attend the Gerewol Festival – an annual celebration when tribespeople gather and perform their rituals.

They understood that for some of the people from the tribe, they are not aware of the modern world and the technology.

"However, their reactions say it all. It was just a normal video recording and when they saw their own faces on the phone, they were very surprised," Tom added.


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