Deadly cartel sends angry message to rival gang and warn weve come to purge

A deadly Mexican cartel has declared a "purge" on its "scumbag" rivals.

The Jalisco New Generation Cartel or CJNG says it will return to business owners the cash that they have forked out for the United Cartels.

Armed and in uniform, CJNG's commander El Fantasma (Spanish for ghost) claimed in a video message that he has money the United Cartels extorted from normal citizens in Uruapan, Mexico.

In a Robin Hood-style pledge El Fantasma told viewers that anyone in the area who was made to pay the United Cartels can now claim it back.

The CJNG claim they found their rival's fee collectors and took from their possession all the cash that had been handed over to them in envelopes, including a list detailing who paid what.

El Fantasma said: "This message goes out to all the businessmen who’ve been harassed by the Carteles Unidos with their charging fees. I have proof of this here before me."

He went on to invite everyone whose money they now have, to come and take it back and to not worry about the consequences, BorderlandBeat reports.

Speaking from behind a table covered in envelopes, the commander continued: "That these scumbags live off of extorting the citizens of Uruapan. Peña, 14, and Galleta I have your charging fees here. Come and recover them.

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"We will hold responsible the United Cartels for any reprisals that are made against the taxi drivers. Specifically you Nicolas Sierra Santana aka Gordo Viagra.

"Gentlemen, citizens of Uruapan, help us to help you. I know this is hard for you because you’re all afraid. But we are here now."

The CJNG added that their rivals have gone too far in taking money from normal people who they will now protect in resistance against the payment collections.

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"We’ve come to do this purge. Sincerely, Jalisco New Generation Cartel," El Fantasma added. "These guys collected their charging fees.

"And to top it off the citizens even went so far as to pay up with change. Gentlemen this has gone on far enough already.

"We’ve come here to support you guys on behalf of the Jalisco New Generation Cartel."

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