Death row confession hours before execution leads to discovery of murdered woman

Police have found the body of a murder victim following a last-minute death-row confession.

The body – believed to be that Felicia Cox who disappeared in July 2007 – was found after her brother-in-law David Neal Cox made the shock revelation shortly before his execution in a Mississippi prison in November.

Police dug for nearly three hours at a property on Cane Creek Road in Flora, Mississippi, before the remains were found.

The body parts will be taken to the state crime lab for an autopsy and DNA testing to confirm that they are those of Felicia Cox, said Pontotoc County Coroner Kim Bedford.

David Cox was executed for murder after being found guilty of the 2010 killing of his estranged wife, Kim.

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As Kim lay dying, Cox made an abusive telephone call to her family, and sexually assaulted his stepdaughter.

In his final moments, Cox spoke of "closure" for his victims’ families.

Cox had scrapped his appeal against the death penalty and filed a declaration to the court saying that he was "worthy of death".

Mississippi Department of Corrections Commissioner Burl Cain told reporters: "He talked about closure to the victims, particularly to his sons, because, you know, for taking their mom and so forth."

Cain said. "So he has been remorseful and that's a good thing."

Cox left a letter with the Mississippi Department of Corrections which gave details of where he had buried Felicia Cox’s body. His lawyers had-delivered the evidence to state district attorney, John Weddle.

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Felicia’s daughter, Amber Miskelly, told reporters: "Giving my mother a proper burial means everything to me.

"I want her home and to be able to have somewhere to go visit her."

Miskelly was just 18 when her mother went missing. She said she was "relieved" when her mother’s disappearance was finally solved but, she told reporters, "it broke my heart all over again" to have her death confirmed.

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