‘Deathmatch’ fight erupts on US street as men hurl punches on election night

A fight club-style brawl was filmed erupting as a crowd gathered on a street in Brooklyn in New York City on the US election night.

Video taken by stunned residents in the neighbourhood of Williamsburg shows dozens of people watching a pair of "fighters" throwing punches and kicks at each other in front of a residential house.

Some of the spectators are seen cheering in high spirits and holding up their mobile phones to light up the driveway as the two men duel on the empty street.

One of them gets thrown against a car as the other pummels him on the head.

Jennifer Keene, who lives just a few houses down on the street, posted the clip on Twitter on Tuesday night.

She wrote: "In non #Election2020 news there’s some kind of fight club performance happening in Williamsburg."

She told New York Post: "I was hoping it was like a Black Lives Matter thing and nope,

"I think people are so hungry for human contact and there’s kind of an anarchist feeling these days. I don’t really know, it’s such a strange year."

An avid underground wrestling fan later confirmed that the event was a planned show hosted by the "King of the No Ring Death Match" Casanova Valentine.

Jamie Ciccone shared a flyer for the gathering on her Instagram, which it states: "ELECTION FRAUD CELEBRATION! PRESIDENTIAL DEATHMATCH! Wear a mask and avoid making eye contact!"

While the event was called an "election fraud celebration", Jamie said it was just a fun way to blow off steam during such a tense time.

"That was just the theme of the night, kind of let people have a little bit of fun since everything sucks right now," the lifelong wrestling fan said.

The wrestling reportedly ended around 11pm local time and the crowd was cleared shortly after.

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