Denver weather today: Sunny early Fall weekend ahead

A cool Friday morning will lead to pleasant, sunny conditions that will last through the weekend.

The cold front from the past two days is over, but temperatures Friday and over the weekend will be about normal or a little above average for early Fall.

Friday’s high is 80 degrees, Saturday’s high is 81 degrees, Sunday’s is 77 degrees and Monday’s is 81 degrees.

Low temperatures will be in the high 40s.

It’ll be a mostly dry weekend throughout, but some rain chances are possible by the middle of next week.

And as the fall days progress, leaves are also beginning to change colors.

A fall leaves map from shows the mountains to have partial coverage of fall colors by Monday, and Denver could see some patchy areas of changing leaves.

Dan West, state forest entomologist for the Colorado State Forest Service, told the Denver Post at the beginning of the month that the above-average warm fall days will enhance the fall color transformation process.

“The forecast is favorable for aspens and fall color in general,” West said then. “That’s almost the ideal condition. We want cool nights, not cold, and we want really warm sunny days.”

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