Desperate long-haired clients ask stylists to break Alberta’s physical distancing rules

The stylist’s tools of the trade have started to gather some dust as shops around Alberta stay shut amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

But for some, vanity trumps the health guidelines.

Margaret Blokhuis runs her own at-home salon, Hair Spinners, and said some clients — and even strangers — are asking her to take the risk.

“Everyday. Some of them are funny. I had a good laugh after someone asked: ‘Can you do me, my extended family and all these other people? We won’t be offended if you wear a mask and come to my house!”‘ Blokhuis said.

The Exshaw stylist is frustrated with the assumptions from people that she would consider breaking the physical distancing rules.

“If you’re going into the grocery store with masks and gloves on and then you’re asking me to stand beside you and cut your hair?” Blokhuis said.

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“My arms are not that long.”

There is proof that people’s growing locks are making them desperate. A number of Alberta residents are posting ads soliciting for haircuts. Edmontonian, Don Fowler, asked for a haircut. He said he received three offers.

“I’d do it at my house, like in the backyard of my house if they were willing to come to my house, like outside. Just wear a mask or whatever,” Fowler said.

“It’s bad. I think my mullet’s almost grown back.”

Lauren Oxford’s hair salon Mousy Browns in Edmonton has been closed for weeks.

Some hair stylists are posting their own advertisements, seemingly unaware of the guidelines. Educators like Jessica Reddon, with Calgary’s MC College, said that’s irresponsible.

“We are definitely very concerned about it.

“Obviously safety and health for individuals and families can be hugely impacted and have serious repercussions,” Reddon said. “Nobody has ever been hurt from missing a hair colour or hair cut service.”

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