Disabled man hit with £100 fine for making emergency stop due to diabetes attack

A diabetic man who pulled over in an emergency at a beach car park has been threatened with bailiffs and court action over a parking fine.

Kevin Roberts, from Bridlington, is registered disabled and wears callipers on both legs as a result of nerve damage due to his diabetes.

He was forced to make an emergency stop when his sugar levels were running dangerously low and pulled into the safest location to stop at Fraisthorpe beach car park in Yorkshire in March this year.

Due to his condition, Kevin said he was unable to get out of his car to pay the parking charge as he was alone and unable to get his wheelchair out.

The 56-year-old thought nothing of the incident until he received a letter from Excel Parking Services demanding he pays a £100 fine.

Speaking to HullLive, Kevin said: "It was lockdown, so I didn't think there would be charges. I couldn't have got out of my car as I was alone and need help with my wheelchair, and the ground was so uneven that I couldn't have walked to the machine if I wanted to.

He added: “It's really stressing me out, getting these letters and threatening court proceedings. You can't get anybody on the phone when you call this company, they don't want to know, just as long as they get their money.

"I don't have much money to spare, I'm on incapacity, and all my money goes on bills. I am willing to go to court over this, I am not paying it. They should be paying me for stressing me out."

Kevin had been driving back from a hospital appointment at Hull Royal Infirmary when he began to feel sweaty and faint.

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He knew these signs signalled that his blood sugar had dropped and unless he had something to eat, it would be dangerous for him to continue driving.

Kevin had a Mars bar and a sugary drink before waiting half an hour until his sugar levels were restored before carrying on home.

The Independent Appeals Service (IAS) confirmed they are looking into Kevin’s case after he appealed against the fine.

However, he has since received another letter stating payment had now increased to £160 with threats of legal action and bailiffs if failure to pay continues.

Speaking to HullLive, a representative for Excel Parking Services said: "There is numerous signage at the Fraisthorpe Beach car park which make it clear that it is a "Pay" car park and we have supplied a picture of the entrance signage for inclusion in the article. At the time of Mr Roberts' visit, there were two large entrance signs, 45 information boards and two large tariff boards in place at the car park and as such we are surprised that he claims he did not see any signage.

"We did respond to Mr Roberts' appeal on 5 May 2021 which included details of how he could have his case adjudicated by the Independent Appeals Service (the IAS) which, by his own admission, he has sought to do so.

"In conclusion, we are satisfied that the parking charge was issued and processed correctly."

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