Disgruntled inmates sue jailers for playing Baby Shark song on repeat

Disgruntled former inmates at a prison are suing their jailers for playing the child's nursery rhyme 'Baby Shark' song on repeat.

Daniel Hedrick, Joseph 'Joey' Mitchell and John Basco have filed the civil rights lawsuit two years after being put through what their attorneys have described as "torture events", according to The Oklahoman.

An investigation launched last year found that at least four of the inmates were forced to listen to the song on repeat at high volumes in November and December in 2019.

The disciplinary action took place in the visitation room of the jail, where the punished prisoners were forced to stand facing the wall handcuffed, LADbible reports.

Two former prison officers and their supervisor have been charged with misdemeanour counts of cruelty to a prisoner and conspiracy.

A jury trial is set to take place in February.

The 'Baby Shark' song has been around for decades and went viral after South Korean company Pinkfong used it in a video that became the most viewed YouTube clip ever.

It has been described as "maddening" and has a tendancy to get "stuck in your head for long periods of time".

The lyrics are as follows: "Baby shark, doo, doo, doo, doo, doo, doo."

Over and over again.

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The former inmates are suing Oklahoma County commissioners, Sheriff Tommie Johnson III, the jail trust and two former jailers.

The lawsuit claims that "the volume of the song was so loud that it was reverberating down the hallways".

Following the investigation, Oklahoma county district attorney David Prater said the use of 'Baby Shark' in the jail was "cruel and inhumane" and put "undue emotional stress on the detainees who were most likely already suffering".

Former Oklahoma county sheriff PD Taylor said young prison officers Gregory Cornell Butler Jr. and Christian Charles Miles were suspended as soon as the allegations came to light.

They have now both resigned, while lieutenant Christopher Raymond Hendershott retired.

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