Dog ‘dies inside’ after accidentally dropping her stuffed toy to the ground

A dog owner was left in stitches when she saw her pooch look up at her after dropping the toy by accident.

Reddit user Beckyk2009 shared the hilarious clip of her Jack Russell Terrier puppy "dying inside" seeing the toy fall to the floor.

The video, which has been upvoted 15,000 times, captures the lazy pooch sitting on the sofa playing with a stuffed rabbit toy.

The white and brown pooch is biting on the toy's ears as if she is trying to drag her up to the sofa cushion.

But after a string of efforts, she drops the rabbit to the floor with no attempt to pick it up.

Looking shocked and sad, the dog turns her head and stares at her owner, who can be heard giggling behind the camera.

While viewers wondered if Becky helped her pooch out, she replied: "I will say after laughing at her dismay I helped her out."

Others were trying to interpret the dog's feeling and narrated his thoughts the comments.

One said: "That's the 'hey mum can you help please' look."

"Nah," another disagreed and wrote. "I think it's the 'are you gonna just sit there and watch or do something about it' look."

Some said the dog did it to seek attention from the owner.

A viewer detailed his personal experience, saying: "I swear beagles do this on purpose, my dog drops his toys off the couch constantly and just stares at me and sooks.

"I usually make him get down and get it though as I don't want him training me haha."

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