Dog left to starve to death by heartless couple found lifeless on kitchen floor

A gorgeous dog had to be put down after vets decided he was suffering so much it was better to put him to sleep.

Rottweiler cross Wilf was the skinniest dog the RSPCA inspector had ever seen and his treatment was "one of the worst cases" of animal cruelty ever, inspector Jilly Dickinson said.

Hull couple Michael Robinson, 49, and Rebecca Diana Robinson, 40, were given suspended jail terms and have been banned from keeping animals for life after pleading guilty to two animal welfare offences at Hull Magistrates' Court, HullLive reported.

Ms Dickinson thought Wilf was dead when she first saw him lying lifeless on the kitchen floor.

After he started breathing, Wilf was rushed to vets.

Jill told the hearing: "Wilf was in very poor condition and was the thinnest living dog I have seen in my career.

"All of his ribs, hips and spines were protruding, his face was sunken and all of the bones in his rear legs were visible, whereas they should normally be covered with muscle mass."

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The RSPCA was contacted amid concerns to his welfare, with the Robinsons owning him since he was just a pup.

After barely moving while he was transported to the RSPCA, Wilf then couldn't stand or sit up during vets' valiant attempts to get him better.

Poor Wilf even cried out in pain during monitoring and treatment, where he was offered food.

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Vets ultimately decided he was in so much pain it was better to let him sleep.

He was given a health score of one out of nine after the months of neglect.

Ms Robinson told the court Wilf had been unable to walk since September, around six months before the RSPCA got involved.

But the couple made no effort to get him help.

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The magistrates decided the cruel couple cannot keep another animal for life and also served them with 12-week prison sentences suspended for 12 months.

They told the Robinsons: "We have seen many photos of animals neglected over our years on the bench.

"We have to say that these are some of the worst we’ve ever seen. This case easily passes the custody threshold.

"Frankly, it is an appalling case of neglect."

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