Dog owner mortified after home haircut ‘turns pooch into Frank from Shameless’

Throughout the various lockdowns one of the pressing issues among us humans was when were finally going to be able to get a haircut.

But it’s not just us that were in desperate need of a trim.

Our dogs got shaggier and shaggier and so some owners decided to take matters into their own hands.

Unfortunately, they very rarely went to plan and one hapless owner recently shared how her pet was left looking like a “raw chicken”.

And now, another of our furry friends has gone viral on TikTok after his truly disastrous haircut.

Posting before-and-after photos on TikTok, user @crustydog shared her attempt at a DIY groom.

Crusty’s previously fluffy and curly blonde hair has completely disappeared as the owner has shaved him down to pretty much his skin.

Unfortunately, they forgot to trim the pooch’s head and the result was pretty hilarious to say the least.

The video has been seen more than 2 million times since it was posted and attracted thousands of comical comments.

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One viewer said: “That’s not a dog. That is a rat.”

Another asked: “Is that a chicken?”

A third commented: “Like when a looney tunes character gets burnt somehow lmaooo.”

Others likened Crusty to a television star, but it wasn’t exactly a compliment.

“Bahahahah you’re dog looks like Frank from Shameless,” a fourth said.

Someone else wrote: “Okay but why does the dog look like Frank one Shameless.”

Other users, like us, felt rather sorry for Crusty.

“Until his hair grows back the humane thing to do is remove all mirrors from the home,” said one.

Another added: “Dude grooming is so much harder than they make it look.”

It comes after an emotional support dog was rescued after getting lost in the New York City subway tunnels.

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