Donald Trump to BEAT Joe Biden if election held today after civil unrest Brexit warning

Afghanistan: Joe Biden sent warning by Ari Fleischer

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The survey, by Emerson College Polling, described the results as slightly favouring Mr Trump. Those who said they would vote for the former US President polled at 47 percent, while those who said they would vote for Mr Biden polled at 46 percent. The poll found that 60 percent of US Democrats who took part said they would like to see Mr Biden as the 2024 presidential nominee.

A total of 39 percent of Democrat participants in the poll said they would rather have a different presidential candidate for the 2024 election.

Whereas, 67 percent of Republican participants said they would vote for Mr Trump as their 2024 presidential nominee.

Most of the swing towards Mr Trump has been attributed to the drop in Mr Biden’s approval rating in the wake of the nation’s withdrawal from Afghanistan.

A total of 49 percent of voters said George W Bush should be held most accountable for the war in Afghanistan.

Only 10 percent of those who took part thought Mr Trump was responsible for the current situation in Afghanistan.

The Emerson College poll was conducted between August 30 and September 1.

Another poll, conducted in August by NBC News found that only 25 percent of Americans said they support Mr Biden’s handling of the situation in Afghanistan.

The poll found that the vast majority of participants disapproved.

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The poll sampled 1,000 US adults and 60 percent of individuals said they disapproved of the president’s actions in Afghanistan.

According to the NBC News poll, the president’s overall approval rating has dipped from 53 percent to 49 percent.

The news comes as the US president has been warned by the former leader of the Ulster Unionist Party over his support for the Northern Ireland Protocol.

David Trimble in a letter to the US President has described Mr Biden’s backing of the protocol as having the potential to lead to “civil unrest” in Northern Ireland.

In his letter, the former leader of the Ulster Unionists wrote: “The Northern Ireland Protocol has not only subverted the main safeguards within the Belfast Agreement causing civil unrest and political uncertainty, but it is also damaging the Northern Ireland economy disrupting supply chains, inflating prices and diverting trade from our main market in Great Britain.

“At the heart of the Belfast Agreement is consent.

“This means there can be no change to the constitutional position of NI as part of the UK without the agreement of a majority of the people of the country.”

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