Earth to be hit by severe flooding in 2030s due to Moon wobble, warns NASA

NASA's Observatory captures change in seasons on Earth

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New research by the administration warned the “wobble” in the moon’s orbit will affect the Earth’s tides severely. The phenomenon happens every 18.6 years and causes very high and very low tides.

The report was published by Nature Climate Change, Nasa’s Sea Level Change Science Team (N-SLCT).

The division estimated that the next time there is a wobble, the tides will rise even more as a consequence of climate change.

Nasa said: “In half of the Moon’s 18.6-year cycle, Earth’s regular daily tides are suppressed: High tides are lower than normal, and low tides are higher than normal.

“In the other half of the cycle, tides are amplified: High tides get higher, and low tides get lower.”

The next “amplified” cycle of the moon’s wobble is set to happen in the mid-2030s.

Nasa Administrator Bill Nelson highlighted that certain regions near sea level would be the worst-hit by the cycle.

He said: “Low-lying areas near sea level are increasingly at risk and suffering due to the increased flooding, and it will only get worse.

“The combination of the Moon’s gravitational pull, rising sea levels, and climate change will continue to exacerbate coastal flooding on our coastlines and across the world.”

Phil Thompson, an assistant professor at the University of Hawaii and the lead author of a new paper, warned the floods will particularly alter livelihoods of people in affected areas.

He also predicted that floods will cause leaks in the septic system, presenting new public health concerns.

Mr Thompson said: “If it floods 10 or 15 times a month, a business can’t keep operating with its parking lot under water.

“People lose their jobs because they can’t get to work. Seeping cesspools become a public health issue.”

According to Nasa, high tides will “cause a leap in flood numbers on almost all US mainland coastlines, Hawaii, and Guam.”

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