Edmonton gun seizure leads to organized crime charges against Airdrie man: ALERT

An Airdrie man is facing several counts of firearm-related charges after an investigation into firearms straw purchasing by the Alberta Law Enforcement Response Teams.

ALERT alleges that Brady Fisher lawfully purchased “seven restricted firearms and at least two unrestricted firearms” dating back to November 2016 and then distributed them to the criminal market.

In June of last year, a handgun was seized during an Edmonton Police Service investigation. That seizure kick-started ALERT’s investigation, a Thursday news release from the organization said.

Fisher was arrested on May 12 and three of the restricted firearms were voluntarily surrendered, ALERT said. The other five weapons remain unaccounted for.

“We have no idea where these firearms may show up, or what crimes they may have been used in,” Insp. Shawn Wallace said. “People engaged in firearms straw purchasing are callously putting public safety at risk.”

Straw purchasing is when someone with a valid possession and acquisition license, who doesn’t have a criminal record, purchases firearms for someone who does have a record or who doesn’t want their name associated with the purchase.

Fisher is facing five counts of firearms trafficking and three counts of possession of a firearm in an unauthorized place.

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