Egyptian police showcase bizarre stunt in viral graduation ceremony clip

A majestic video of new Egypt Police officers flexing their muscles in their annual graduation ceremony has gone viral.

More than 1,500 cadets pulled off an action-packed stunt with rings of fire and counter-terrorism tactics at the premises of the Police Academy in New Cairo on Friday.

The performance was almost reminiscent of the popular reality programme World's Strongest Man.

In the clip widely shared on social media, the shirtless officers have to leap through the fire rings and tow a SUV.

The group also demonstrate their physical abilities, showing the superiors a series of stunts such as climbing the facade of a building, doing push-ups or breaking concrete blocks.

But it is not enough to impress their president Abdel Fattah el-Sisi.

They split into teams, with some cadets somersaulting over a a rack of sharp spikes.

During the parade, the shredded officers showed off their six packs as they stand in rows on a moving trailer.

Some are seen demonstrating the force's camouflage skills by hiding, very obviously, behind artificial bushes on the carnival floats.

At the end of the ceremony, Egypt's president congratulated the new officers and greeted their families, saying "they prepared their sons and devoted them to the country to defend us."

Viewers compared the ceremony show to a Pride parade while others said it looked like a circus show.

One wrote: "No, this is not a gay pride but the closing ceremony of the Egyptian police academy."

A second said: "That's probably the most gay thing I've ever seen in my life."

Another joked: "Egypt has the weirdest crime."

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