Elle Brooke shows off real hair colour and explains reason shes a hoe

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    Elle Brooke has revealed her natural hair colour – and also hinted at why she turned to OnlyFans to make cash.

    The 24-year-old Brit adult star shared a video of herself on her Instagram story in which she was sporting two adorable braids, complete with her roots showing.

    She said: "[This is one of] the only times you'll see my real hair colour […] because I have my extensions out."

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    "I am ginger," she declared, pointing to parts of her hair where her true colour could be seen.

    "Part of me really wants to grow it out as well, but I'm known for being blonde," referring to her trademark golden locks.

    The self-proclaimed porn princess didn't stop there and showed her 504K Instagram followers her purchases from a recent shopping spree which she claimed was the reason she does OnlyFans – but it's not as glam as you might think.

    "I always ever go to PetsAtHome like once every three months and this is how much I buy for my dogs," she revealed.

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    "This is why I do OnlyFans, so these guys can have the best life," she said, showing off a cute clip of her two dogs.

    Her next post also showed her adorable pooches and was captioned: "Their mum's a hoe but at least they're spoilt x."

    Among her new sweet purchases were two Brussels sprout-shaped squeaky toys, complete with Christmas hats for the festive season.

    Elle is no stranger to Instagram confessions – last week she admitted to her followers that her biggest regret was not taking up boxing sooner.

    The star regularly hosts "Ask me a question" sessions and this time was asked to reveal her "best mistake you ever made."

    "The biggest mistake I have ever made is probably not starting boxing sooner," she said.

    "I'm like 24, and, if I started sooner I'd be sick.

    "That's the only mistake I've really made," she confessed.

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    "Everything else, mmm (shrugs) is what it is."

    And fans of the blonde beauty's racy content should be wary of this admission – last month she said she "enjoys boxing more" than her OnlyFans career, sparking fears she may one day quit the site.

    Speaking to Boxing King Media about the sport, she said: "I think given the chance, if this could overtake OF then I guess that would be the goal."


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