Elon Musk compares Santa Claus to bloodthirsty dictator in latest strange tweet

Tech billionaire Elon Musk has tweeted yet another bizarre tweet in which he compares Santa Claus to an ancient Roman dictator.

Musk, 50, posted a meme which includes Father Christmas and Lucius Cornelius Sulla being pitted against each other and includes a list of traits they both seem to have.

It states: "He has a list. Is checking it twice. Knows who's been naughty or nice. Is coming to town."

Sulla was a Roman general and statesman that lived during the first and second century BC.

He won the first large-scale civil war in Roman history, and became the first man of the Roman republic to seize power through force, paving the way for the likes of Julius Caesar and Augustus.

Musk's followers were quick to comment their opinions on the tweet, with one saying: "Sulla is the original evil dictator, definitely pushing you towards super villain mode."

Another compared Sulla's name to US President Joe Biden, saying: "Dang, that dude had a badass name now our leaders have names like, joe."

Some Twitter users however were left completely baffled, evident by one who wrote: "Bro wtf are you talking about."

This is the latest in bizarre tweets by the tech mogul, who on Friday tweeted about having sex with vegetables.

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He wrote: "No violins4me i cum in peas." Followed up with: "If you like the chorus, you’ll love the drop."

Just hours before that he had tweeted that he was thinking of becoming a full-time influencer and quitting his jobs, replying to a fan in the thread who suggested he make an OnlyFans account, saying that "maybe" he will.

Musk "is an open admirer of memes," according to the New York Times, tweeting that “Who controls the memes controls the universe".

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