Enormous 16ft great white shark spotted with huge chunk of its tail missing

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A giant 16ft great white shark swimming in the Atlantic Ocean has been spotted with a huge chunk of its tail missing.

The shark, which was observed by the Atlantic White Shark Conservancy (AWSC), was first spotted in October and was tagged by the research group.

GoPro footage of the mammoth animal was recently posted to Instagram, and the apex predator can be seen swimming in murky waters.

In the clip, a camera follows the animal on its ocean journey and at several points the shark swims past the camera, giving viewers a glimpse of its tail.

The shark appears to have several injuries on its body, but the biggest by far is at the end of the animal on its tail.

Using tracking software, the Atlantic White Shark Conservancy group were able to determine what caused the gnarly injury.

The video’s caption revealed the great white had in fact collided with a boat, rusting in part of the tail missing.

In the post, AWSC said: "Remember the 16ft white shark the research team saw earlier this month?

"Not only does it get the award for the largest shark seen this season, but it also gets the title of gnarliest injury.

"The team observed this particular injury on its tail resulting from a boat strike."

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AWSC then gave some details about the animals behaviour, which can alter if an animal is severely injured.

They said: "Even with this type of injury, the shark's behaviour was normal."

The research group regularly catch, tag and re-release big sharks into the ocean, and this isn't the first time workers have seen a shark with boat injuries.

AWSC is a non-profit supporting scientific research, improving public safety, and educating the community to inspire white shark conservation.

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