Evil Russia plans to use homeless dogs as suicide bombers in Ukraine

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    Russian politicians have discussed the idea of rounding up homeless dogs, strapping explosives to them and training them to run at Ukrainian tanks as animal suicide bombers.

    The bizarre suggestion came up in a meeting of the Legislative Assembly in the Russian city of Oryol on December 2, where local politicians gathered to discuss the issue of stray animals.

    Viktor Makarov, deputy for the Communist Party in Oryol, had previously suggested sending the dogs to China.

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    “I propose we educate these dogs to blow up tanks,” he said, according to the Oryol Times.

    However, and unsurprisingly, Makarov's colleagues didn't seem to keen on his idea given the various logistical issues involved in training stray dogs to become suicide bombers for Vladimir Putin's army.

    One speaker raised the issue that the dogs would bite people, another bemoaned the financial cost of keeping the dogs alive whilst they were trained.

    The assembly concluded by discarding the proposed law.

    Mark Hertling, the former Commanding General of United States Army Europe, wrote on Twitter: "Don't know why they see the need to train dogs to do this… they currently are asking RU soldiers to do the same."

    Rajan Menon, director of the Grand Strategy program at Defense Priorities, reckons the outlandish idea could show that Russia is getting desperate in Ukraine.

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    Menon told Newsweek: "This may be further evidence that the Russians are pulling out all the stops to prevail."

    Last week, Russian Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu announced plans to significantly ramp up defence spending in 2023 as Putin's "special military operation" continues to falter.

    The plan is to increase military spending by almost 150%.

    "It is necessary to continue the modernisation and creation of promising systems with their subsequent use in the course of a special military operation," Shoigu said.


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