Evil terrorist Andres Breivik trying to pocket £7m by selling his movie rights

Notorious mass murderer Anders Breivik has been secretly trying to sell the rights to turn his story into a movie, which he wants to sell for £7 million..

The murderer was responsible killed 77 people in a sickening set of coordinated terror attacks in Norway in 2011.

Breivik has reportedly sent 20 letters to film-makers, and has already written a biography and a script for his imagined movie, the Sun reports.

The sick killer has also invited filmmakers to interview him, and valued his life story at $10million (£7million).

Biographer Asne Seierstad, who has written a book about Breivik, said: "He’s never shown remorse. What he wants is a stage, a place to share his thoughts and his message. And to gain more supporters."

The vile neo-Nazi was sentenced to 21 years in prison, which is the maximum sentence under Norwegian law.

He is known to frequently complain about the quality of his prison cell in Norway, a country known for having the most lenient prison systems.

Breivik has previously complained that too many of meals are made in microwaves and demanded luxury pens to write with.

Before carrying out his sick terror attacks, he idolised Hitler and had written a 1,500-page manifesto under the pseudonym Andrew Berwick.

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In that document, he demanded mass deportations of muslims and described feminism as the reason for the “cultural suicide of Europe”.

While he has only been given 21 years, the Norwegian courts recently said that they may consider extending his sentence if he is a threat to society.

Breivk's lawyer has said that the terrorist will try for parole this year after the first 10 years of his sentence has been completed.

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Even Anders's own father does not want him to be released, saying that he should have taken his own life too.

On July 22, 2011, Breivik became one of the world’s most notorious killers after carrying out two lone wolf attacks that killed 77 people, most of them teenagers.

In the first, he bombed the Norwegian government quarter in Oslo. This turned out to be just a distraction as, dressed as a policeman, he then travelled to the Norwegian Labour Party’s summer camp on nearby Utoya Island and carried out a sickening massacre.

In most countries, including the UK< criminals are barred from profiting off of their own crimes. However, Breivik believes that Norway's liberalism means that he may be able to sell his story.

Breivik has even recently support from far right politicians from Norway, as prominient figure Hans Jorgen Lysglimt Johansen, leader of the Alliance Alternative Party in Norway, said, 'Much of what Breivik said in his manifesto was correct.'

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