Ex-Amazon worker says Bezos job interview was designed to see how mind works

Jeff Bezos' vetting process for potential employees has been exposed after a woman who landed a job at the firm revealed the key questions he asks in high-level interviews.

Ann Hiatt applied for a job at online retail giant Amazon on something of a whim back in 2002 but found herself being interviewed by the man who'd become the richest in the world.

She was stunned when she found herself being hired on the spot and in an article for CNBS Make It she's explained how he came to the decision.

"I was patiently sitting in a conference room chair when the door opened and in walked Bezos," she wrote. "He sat down across from me and introduced himself.

"Bezos started the interview by promising that he was only going to ask two questions and that the first one would be a 'fun' brainteaser.

"I took a deep breath as he stood up and uncapped a pen at the whiteboard wall. 'I’ll do the math,' he said. 'I want you to estimate the number of panes of glass in the city of Seattle.'"

Though she was initially terrified of the question, Ann says that she realised that the business mogul wanted to see how her mind worked.

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Rather than offer up a guess, she broke it down into small chunks by estimating the population of the city and explaining that each person would have a home, place of work and mode of transport.

They then analysed every anomaly which could affect the outcome before settling on a number in about 10 minutes and agreeing it looked "about right".

The second question he asked was a simple one – "what are your career goals?" – which led her to explain that her main driving force was an eagerness to learn.

Not only did she nail the job, but she worked as Jeff Bezos' executive business partner for 15 years. The desk she was assigned in his office was the closest to his – about three feet away.

She said that after knowing and working with him for more than a decade, she understands why those were his only two questions.

Ann believes that the retail leader chose those particular questions to see whether she possessed the grit, courage and motivation to succeed.

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