Ex Human Ken doll Jessica Alves undergoes beauty ops to celebrate name change

Former 'human Ken doll' Jessica Alves has showed off her new look after undergoing several cosmetic surgeries as part of a process to officially change her name.

The Brazilian presenter and influencer, previously known as Rodrigo Alves, made headlines worldwide as she celebrated the official name change earlier this week.

The 38-year-old took to Instagram to show fans her latest non-surgical "tweakments".

She said: "Hi guys, today I'm going to do a botox session, massage therapy, I want to shape my lips a little bit more."

The footage shows the surgeon explaining that he is going to contour her lips for a plumper pout, and project her chin a little because "it bothers her so much".

The expert said the treatment would finish with a light application of Botox to reduce facial wrinkles and expression lines.

After her treatment, Jessica said: "We just did my lips, the contouring. I am talking like this because of the anaesthetic.

“It is beautiful, guys. I am completely without makeup, I have red lips because I just did the contour and Botox, as well as Botox on my neck to make the skin tighter."

She recently travelled to Santo Amaro in Sao Paulo to officially change her name at the same office where she was registered as Rodrigo Alves at birth.

Her name change comes nearly two years after she came out as transgender in January last year

The overjoyed TV star said: “I'm very happy because I got my new birth certificate today, here in Santo Amaro where I was born and registered.

“For me, it's a very important achievement. Now my name is correct, as it should be. I'm very happy and I need to celebrate."

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Jessica announced that she was changing her name to Jessica in July, even telling the hosts of British TV show ‘This Morning': “I have been developing as a person and as a human being. I was born a transgender woman.

“Throughout the years you have known me, I was fighting the fact that I have always been a woman inside myself.”

The socialite has reportedly undergone over 75 plastic surgeries during her transition, but is now happy with her appearance.

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