Experts say follow science on Covid but mean follow modelling – Dawn Neesom

The medical meerkat from Grinch central that is Chris Whitty has become such an icon during the pandemic that you can now get mugs with his face on it.

Though maybe a mug isn’t ideal as that’s beginning to be what most of us are feeling like.

Following the science appears to mean following the modelling. Or model if you’re a scientist/politician keen on getting a lockdown legover with someone other than your wife.

So despite real world evidence coming in from South Africa that Omicron isn’t as lethal as Delta, those fun-loving folk at SAGE – and in particular disgraced professor pants down Neil Ferguson – are still muttering about 6,000 deaths a day.

Quite how they reach this figure is not actually revealed, especially as 89% of UK adults have now had at least one jab and the booster is estimated to give 97% protection against severe illness.

Still why let facts get in the way of a good old bit of festive frightening the life out of folk? Even though they have at least now admitted that the guesstimates they give the Government are ALWAYS based on a worst-case scenario. Mainly ­because that’s exactly what they’re asked to do by, er, the Government.

Curious isn’t it? I mean why would they do it that way? Surely mental health is as important as a virus that won’t kill over 99% of us?

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Even more curious is the fact that HALF of patients in London hospitals “with Covid” were only diagnosed after arriving with another ailment. Including road traffic accidents!

Still they’ve got form. Shall we have a quick look at Ferguson’s ­previous record on predictions?

Foot and mouth 2001. Predicted 150,000. Reality less than 200.

BSE 2002. Predicted 50,000. Reality 177.

Bird Flu 2005. Predicted 150,000. Reality 28.

Swine Flu 2009. Predicted 65,000. Reality 457.

Covid-19 2020. Predicted 500,000 UK deaths in first wave. Reality 147,000 for whole pandemic to date.

Though no idea what all the fuss about Carrie Johnson attending Bozo’s “work meeting” in the ­gardens of 10 Downing Street is all about. Surely it’s usual for the boss to turn up?

Add in the civil servant bod given the task of investigating partygate(s) having to resign for, er, “walking through” a party in his own office and chief Brexit negotiator Lord Frost stepping down over the “direction of travel” the Government is taking and it’s not looking like a very merry Christmas for Bozo at all.


Don’t know about you but I ­intend to see who I want, when I want and how I want this Christmas. We’re all boosted, testing (the husband in particular is very testing) and using the old-fashioned thing called common sense.

So all that’s left to do is to wish you and yours the happiest of Christmases filled with love, laughter and good cheer. Not fear.

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