Four men hanged after gang raping and murdering woman on bus

Four men who gang raped and murdered a woman in India have been hanged.

Akshay Thakur, Vinay Sharma, Pawan Gupta and Mukesh Singh were all executed in Tihar prison, Delhi.

The mum of the victim told of how "the beasts have been hanged" before adding that "finally my daughter got justice after seven years."

The case sparked anger and protests around the world and led the victim, who cannot be named, to become known as "fearless".

Six were arrested over the crime, including Ram Singh who was found dead in his cell in a suspected suicide, reports MailOnline.

The other person was 17 at the time of the attack, meaning he was released in 2015 after serving three years, the maximum term for a juvenile.

The six men knocked out a friend of the woman's and dragged her to the back of the vehicle where they carried out the attack, using a metal rod, in 2012.

She was on a bus with the friend on the way back from a cinema.

The attack lasted around an hour before her and the friend were dumped for dead. The friend survived long enough to identify the attackers before dying in hospital.

After the hanging, the mum of the victim added: "I hugged my daughter's photograph and told her we finally got justice."

The woman, who was studying physiotherapy at the time, died from her injuries a few days after the attack.

One female activist said of the case: "It was like the bursting of a dam,' said Kavita Krishnan, a women's activist who took part in the huge protests.

"It was not restricted to seeking revenge. Women said they do not want to trade their freedom for safety.

"There was a social awakening of society."

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