France DISAPPEARING! Macrons EU sovereignty branded grotesque oxymoron- Frexit fury

Macron's fishing threats would harm 'everybody' says expert

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The Génération Frexit leader described the French president’s dream of making Europe sovereign a “grotesque oxymoron” in response to a report that Germany opposes nuclear energy being included in an EU rule-book on climate-friendly activities. Through its sustainable finance taxonomy, the EU wants to steer cash into low-carbon projects and stop companies or investors making unsubstantiated environmental claims.

However, France hopes that having the sustainable energy label for nuclear energy could boost its struggling nuclear energy industry, which was bailed out by the state in 2017.

The idea is opposed in Germany where, according to the World Nuclear Association (WNA), public opinion is broadly opposed to nuclear energy and there is virtually no support for building more nuclear plants.

France gets about 70 percent of its power from nuclear energy and is the world’s largest net exporter of electricity thanks to low costs.

The WNA says it gains more than €3billion a year from its export with fuel products and services adding to “significant” exports from a country that has been “very active” in developing the technology.

In a series of tweets, Mr Gallois said: “Germany opposes the classification of nuclear as ‘green energy’ desired by France.

“If only for that, any Frenchman attached to the sovereignty and independence of France should want Frexit. Let’s resume control.

“Macron’s European ‘sovereignty, a grotesque oxymoron, is, in reality, the end of national independence.

“It is neither more nor less than the disappearance of France”.


His remarks came as demonstrators unfurled a banner declaring “Gas & nuclear are not green” outside France’s foreign ministry on Tuesday in protest at the French government’s drive to label nuclear energy and fossil gas as sectors for climate-friendly investment.

One of about 20 protesters, wearing a mask of President Macron, chained himself to a gas bottle and a nuclear barrel outside the ministry’s headquarters in Paris.

Another held a banner reading: “Macron shame on you.”

Nicolas Nace, a member of Greenpeace, told Reuters: “By taking the lead of the toxic alliance between fossil gas and nuclear at a European level, Emmanuel Macron clearly sides with the polluters’ camp.

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“Nuclear is not a green energy: it produces radioactive waste that piles up across the country.”

Many EU countries argue nuclear and gas should be included in the taxonomy as transitional fuels easing the switch to green energy and ensuring the most damaging coal-burning power plants are eradicated quickly.

Others, including Austria, Luxembourg and Denmark, argue nuclear and gas cannot be included on the list of green energy sources because of their damaging impact on the environment.

Mr Gallois’s comments also came after Mr Macron confirmed his top priorities will be sovereignty and borders during France’s presidency of the EU Council which begins on New Year’s Day.

In a statement from the Elysee Palace he started his address on these issues, saying: “A sovereign Europe is first and foremost a Europe capable of controlling its borders.”

The approach signals a shift from that set out by Commission President Ursula von der Leyen who has stressed the importance of green issues.

In light of the row between London and Paris over illegal migration from France, Mr Macron’s shift is viewed by commentators as a response to threats to his re-election next year.

A poll of French voting intentions last week for France’s L’Express newspaper and BFMTV channel showed Valérie Pécresse, the new conservative candidate, beating Mr Macron by four percent.

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