Furious EasyJet customer says airline doesnt care his luggage was destroyed

A man had his suitcase – and all of his luggage within – torn and crushed amid the chaos at Gatwick Airport.

Scenes of suitcases piled high and endless passengers queues have dominated national news all week, as airlines struggle to cope with an increase in demand from travelers.

And David Benjamin, 63, has been hit by the issues more than most – thanks to EasyJet, he claims.

He flew from Nice in France to Gatwick over the June 11/12 weekend, after a family wedding.

But when he returned home on Sunday he found sections of his suitcase had been shredded and crushed with his clothes ruined.

David, who has travelled around the world for work for 30 years said: "We waited for quite a while in baggage reclaim before our bag came through on the conveyor belt upside down.

"I took it off, stood it on its wheels and then it fell over.

"I saw the wheels had been damaged which then brought my attention to the rest of it.

"They obviously knew it was damaged because of the delay and how they laid it carefully on the front hiding it."

To add to the shock, the bag had been strewn open from the front, exposing the contents inside.

Some of the clothes had also been damaged and ripped with others ruined by the contents of a crushed toiletries bag.

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David, from Staplehurst in Kent, said: "The only way I can describe it is imagine putting a drill through fabric – it looks as though it has been torn and crushed.

“No conveyor belt can do this sort of damage, to me it looks it has been caused by some sort of vehicle.”

David had bought most of the clothes specifically for the wedding with the items costing around £400.

He says he is not aware of any fellow passengers' luggage being destroyed.

David is trying to sort the issue with the airline but has struggled to get answers.

"I'm stuck in limbo and I don't know what to do,” he added.

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"It is just frustrating, I don't even know if they are going to replace the case.

"Even if they turn around and say we're not liable then at least that's a response but I haven't even got that.

"My insurers won't pay any claim on the contents until EasyJet states in writing what they will and won't settle."

He's hoping he can receive some sort of compensation or replacement for the damaged goods but at the very least is seeking an apology.

The Daily Star has contacted EasyJet for comment.

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