Genetically modified sharks and killer dolphins work for Israel govt

Conspiracy theorists believe that a whole host of animals are employed by the Israeli government, including genetically modified killer sharks, radioactive lizards and spy birds.

In January Hamas, the Palestinian armed group, made headlines worldwide when they claimed that they had “discovered a dolphin that the enemy used to hunt down members of our naval forces at sea."

A Hamas commander said that another member, Muhammad Abu Sam’an, had recovered a harness from the water, with an apparent weapon attached to it.

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Some reports in the Middle East even said that Abu Sam'an was killed by the army dolphin, but this was ridiculed as other reports – including Palestinian articles – stated that he was killed in land conflict with Israeli forces last May.

But the zoological warfare claims aren't without their history, as conspiracy theorists have made a series of similarly outlandish claims against the Israeli Defence Forces and the Israel government in the past.

In 2015, Hamas made a similar claim against Israel, saying it had captured a dolphin equipped with “spying equipment,” including cameras.

The Times of Israel reported in 2018 that the former chief-of-staff of Iran’s armed forces said that Western spies, including Israeli ones, had used lizards to “attract atomic waves” and spy on his country’s nuclear program.

Hassan Firuzabadi, senior military adviser to Iran's supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, said: “Several years ago, some individuals came to Iran to collect aid for Palestine… We were suspicious of the route they chose.

“In their possessions were a variety of reptile desert species like lizards, chameleons… We found out that their skin attracts atomic waves and that they were nuclear spies who wanted to find out where inside the Islamic Republic of Iran we have uranium mines and where we are engaged in atomic activities."

In 2016, residents of a Lebanese town captured a vulture wearing an Israeli tracking device.

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The people released the bird upon realising that the transmitter strapped to it was intended for scientific research rather than espionage.

A 'Mossad eagle spy' was captured in Sudan in 2012 and an Egyptian official even said Israel-controlled sharks were sent to the Red Sea to attack people and deplete tourism.

An elderly woman was killed by a shark in the Egyptian resort of Sharm el-Sheikh in December 2010, the same week that several other tourists were mauled.

South Sinai governor, Mohamed Abdul Fadil Shousha, reportedly pointed the finger at Mossad, the national intelligence agency of Israel.

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