Gesture Meghan only started doing after she met Harry – body language expert

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    Meghan Markle has been mocked by an expert for a "useless gesture" she began performing after meeting Prince Harry.

    The Duchess of Sussex is said to have began using the "weird" gesture in public to signal that she was feeling nervous, uncomfortable or lacking in confidence.

    Such a claim comes from body language expert Dr Louise Mahler, who said that it was clear Meghan had received no "guidance" from palace insiders on how the gesture would be perceived by members of the public.

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    It is a gesture that Dr Mahler believes gives the Duchess a dead eyed look, with the expert fuming at the "useless" gesture, Daily Express reported.

    Dr Mahler said: "I understand that they get very little guidance in what they do but when Meghan actually says 'There is no course that shows you how to use a fork' actually yes, there is.

    "There are a lot of people who can help you in that area and she should have got the help. She didn't get that guidance and we see that very clearly, so in the second episode when it's all about her as a child, it was delightful.

    "She was a gorgeous young woman with great prospects, and then we see in the engagement photo, that changes."

    But said changes appear to have made for a "useless gesture" that has left Meghan with a "weird" signalling to her discomfort.

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    The expert continued: "Her smile becomes teeth, her eyes dead, her arms lock into her body and she began doing this weird gesture where she pushes her hair back which is useless, what a useless gesture!"

    Her criticism of the "weird gesture" paired up with criticism of a "disrespectful" curtsy Meghan carried out which was, Dr Mahler alleges, an "awkward" and "uncomfortable" moment for the Duchess.

    Dr Mahler added: "The whole story about the curtsy was disrespectful. If you went to a different country with a different culture, say Japan, and they said you had to bow, you would not make fun of that bow.

    "I think he was definitely embarrassed at that moment and this was one of the few moments he was embarrassed, and I think he should be embarrassed a lot more."

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