Girl, 13, ‘lured to park’ by gang who punch and kick her as mum listens on phone

A young teen was horrifically attacked by a gang who "lured her to the park" and then filmed the ordeal.

Jodie-Marie Sheffield's daughter, 13, was pushed to the ground as two other girls punched, kicked, and stamped on her.

Summer was reportedly lured to St Helen's park by the gang before the terrifying incident.

Jodie-Marie is "gutted" Merseyside Police is not pursuing criminal charges against two girls after the clip was shared on social media in March, writes the Liverpool Echo.

In the harrowing footage, the gang – some of who were on bikes – follow along and film as Summer is dragged to the floor and hit with punches and kicks.

The schoolgirl had called her mum on the phone and she could hear her blood-curdling screams on the other end.

Merseyside Police says not pursuing criminal charges and passing the case to the Youth Justice Service was "the most appropriate" after completing a full investigation.

But 33-year-old Jodie-Marie said she felt "sick" learning it won't go further and feels like they have "been massively failed".

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Summer had met a group of children near her school, Sutton Academy, who walked her over to Sherdley Park.

Apprehensive that one girl who reportedly attacked her sister last year might be there, one teenager told her she "wouldn't be".

However, when Summer saw that she was she tried to walk away to go home and called her mum to pick her up.

It was at this moment when two girls attacked her from behind.

Jodie-Marie said: "The next minute I just heard the most blood-curdling scream ever.

"They had started to attack her from behind. Two girls attacked her and a gang of kids stood by filming.

"They pulled her down to the floor by her hair and then proceeded to stamp and kick her, followed by punches to the head and body as well.

"In that moment in time, it was the worst feeling in the world. To have to listen to her being attacked down the phone – I just can't describe what I felt like at that moment. It was horrendous."

The mum says Summer has experienced mental trauma as well as physical injuries as she had lumps on her head and a swollen neck from being kicked.

Summer also had abrasions to her hands, knees and arms and suffers from nightmares since the attack.

Jodie-Marie has praised the school after they expelled the two girls from the academy.

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Merseyside Police told the Echo: "In relation to this incident, a full investigation has been carried out. Two suspects were swiftly identified and both admitted responsibility during interview.

"Due to the age of the suspects and their previous good character, the decision was made to make a referral by our Youth Offender Team to the Youth Justice Service, a service run by the local authority.

“This service aims to offer a resolution for victims and diversion for offenders, ultimately seeking to prevent further incidents.

"This is the most appropriate resolution given the young ages of those involved and their previous good character.

"The Youth Justice Service will this week be meeting further on this case and a Victim Liaison Officer will be appointed, who will speak again with the family of the victim before any resolution is decided.

"The victim's family have been regularly updated throughout the investigation, and will receive further updates as the matter progresses through the Youth Justice Service.

"Whilst we understand the upset and distress that this incident caused, this is the most appropriate outcome and will hopefully see all parties reach a satisfactory conclusion to the matter."

Sutton Academy chose not to comment when approached by Daily Star.

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