Girl, 4, killed and kids hospital in lockdown after gunman fires into crowd

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A four-year-old girl has died following a deadly shooting at a children’s hospital.

Police have said The Akron Children’s Hospital in Ohio, America is in lockdown following the horror attack, reports The Sun.

According to officers, another man has also been taken to hospital in critical condition following the shooting in Akron that took place on Friday night.

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The injured man, who is aged 40 and has not been identified, was taken to another hospital and is said to be in critical condition.

No arrests are said to have been made as police are still investigating the matter.

A video being shared on social media appeared to show a large police presence with armed officers swarming the scene.

Officials said the shooting was not connected to demonstrations that were taking place in the area.

It comes as protests are held in Akron after 25-year-old Jayland Walker was shot and killed by officers during a foot chase.

According to lawyers representing his family, Jayland was pulled over early Monday morning for a minor traffic violation.

But it ended fatally with the 25-year-old being shot dead in a car park.

Jayland was shot more than 60 times after a car chase in Akron, Ohio on June 27, an autopsy revealed.

Pictures showed Walker dead and handcuffed at the scene, according to the Summit County Medical Examiner’s report which was obtained by CNN.

This sparked days of “Justice for Jayland” protests which led to local police chief Steve Mylett and mayor Dan Horrigan announcing they would release body-camera footage from the incident.

A family lawyer, who has seen the footage, said police officers fired "an unbelievable amount of gunfire" and compared it to a "whole brick of fireworks going off".

Jayland’s grieving family has been left waiting for answers but police chief Mylett said he would meet with them before the release to let them see the bodycam footage, officials said..


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