Girl dies in shark attack – police thought shed been hit by boat propeller

A 16-year-old girl has passed away after a shark savagely attacked her leg while swimming.

Her injuries were so bad that police initially believed she had been sliced by a boat propeller.

The teenager was in the Swan River in North Fremantle, Australia, before a shark appeared out of nowhere.

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Her boyfriend desperately tried to save her, jumping into the water and pulling her onto the bank.

It is believed the beast was a bull shark. Although unconfirmed, this breed can be found throughout rivers in Australia.

Before the attack, the teen had been rope-swinging off a bridge with her friends.

However, after she plunged into the water, the beast attacked by clamping onto her leg and dragging her down beneath the surface.

Police and paramedics arrived at the scene at around 3:30pm.

The emergency services attempted to save the girl but unfortunately she was declared dead on the beach.

“The girl jumped off the rope swing and then a bull shark pulled her under and then her boyfriend tried to like help her get out," an onlooker told The West Australian.

"And she passed away on the beach."

A similar attack was suffered by dad-of-two Cameron Wrathall in the area two-years-ago when he was bitten on his upper leg.

Locals have commented on an increase of bull sharks in the area, with some coming particularly close to the river banks.

One said: "I always wear shark guards now."

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