Glam influencer murdered by her dad in honour killing to wash away shame

A father who drugged and strangled his daughter to death told police he killed her to "wash away the shame" and he might get away with it due to a wild loophole.

The unnamed man is said to have kidnapped Taiba Alali when she returned home to Iraq from where she lives in Turkey to support her country's football team in the Arabian Gulf Cup in January.

The influencer had agreed to meet her mother at a friend's house in Baghdad and was astonished when the whole family turned up, before she was reportedly drugged and taken back to the family home in Al-Qadisiyyah Governorate.

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When she woke up from the alleged drugging she reportedly rowed furiously with her father, according to local media.

He later came into her room and throttled her to death as she slept, reports added.

Her father – unnamed in local media – turned himself in to the police, telling them he had killed his own daughter to "wash away the shame".

Police are now investigating him for murder but Iraq's penal code means he could escape jail by declaring the death an 'honour killing'.

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Under the code, judges are allowed to impose lenient sentences on people who kill for 'honourable motives' or under provocation.

A March 2021 Home Office report on the code says: "Article 409 of the Iraqi Penal Code permits 'honour' as a mitigation for crimes of violence committed against family members and the Code allows for lenient punishments for 'honour killings' on the grounds of provocation or if the accused had 'honourable motives'.

"The law does not provide guidance as to what 'honourable motives' are and, therefore, leaves scope for wide interpretation."

Taiba had fled her homeland in 2017 to start a new life in Turkey and had planned to wed her Syrian-born boyfriend.


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