Golden retriever has cute daily routine of ignoring dog sneaking up on her

A "smart" golden retriever has left viewers in stitches after appearing to "ignore" another dog's hilariously bad attempt to sneak up on her.

Stella the goldie is filmed looking totally nonchalant while a black Labrador creeps towards her like he thinks he is invisible.

The daft lab watches Stella carefully and moves forwards inch by inch whenever she is not looking directly at him – but he is still very much in her line of sight.

When the Labrador is just a few inches away, Stella suddenly acts startled like she has just noticed him and the pair begin playing and chasing each other around the garden.

The Labrador then jumps on Stella's back and the pair wag their tails as the boisterous game comes to an end.

Jennifer Davis Almond, from Georgia in the US, posted the funny video on Facebook and it was "liked" more than 30,000 times.

She writes in the caption: "This happens daily around here. My black lab, Max, thinks he is sneaking up on Stella.

"Then she pretends not to see him."

One person commented: "He's black and stealthy! No way she sees him!?!?

"Like when you're a kid and try to hide behind a shoebox."

A second user wrote: "Oh my goodness! So funny and cute."

"So amazing are dogs. What fun to watch. Thanks for sharing!" said a third.

Another wrote: "She’s teasing him, smart girl."

But another user suggested: "She is not pretending not to see him she is not making eye contact because that would challenge him, and she looks scared."

This comes after a golden retriever's goofy smile had people creasing up on Reddit, with her owner admitting she pulls the funny face every time she knows she is "in trouble".

And another irresistible goldie was captured giving their owner the "death stare" when they returned home smelling like another pooch.

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