Golden retriever ‘proves breed is dumb’ with doofus antics trying to get ball

A lovable doofus of a golden retriever has gone viral on social media after her owner filmed her getting stuck while trying to pick up a toy ball.

In the clip, uploaded on TikTok by @gamjamypotato, the dog called Gamja is playing with a ball that has rolled under some furniture in the apartment.

Rather than putting her head underneath and grabbing the ball in her mouth, she instead rams her whole face into a gap in the chair that is far too small.

She then wrestles for several minutes with her head stuck in the gap while frantically trying to get closer to her lost toy.

At one point, she removes her head and seems to have figured out the puzzle, but then she sticks her paw through the hole instead.

Her entertained owner wrote in the caption: "Golden retrievers are smart is a stereotype."

The footage has been watched more than 700,000 times and people were in stitches at poor Gamja's earnest attempts to solve the problem.

It has also been "liked" 68,000 times and hundreds of people have left comments, with one joking Gamja was a "blonde retriever".

One person commented: "So I’ve worked with dogs for years. I’ve never met a smart golden. It’s empty between the ears (sorry)."

A second person said: "Who thinks golden retrievers are smart? They are nice and beautiful but smart would not come to my mind."

"Retrievers are only smart when it comes to getting food," joked a third viewer.

A fourth viewer commented: "Mine is super smart but still have these derp moments!"

"Some are," said another person. "Unfortunately, yours clearly isn’t one of the smarts ones!"

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