Google Maps catches woman having poo on roadside as fans cry ‘no one is safe’

A woman chose a bad time to take a toilet trip as Google Maps caught her crouching on the side of a road.

There are few worse times to be called by nature than when a vehicle recording everything for the internet passes by.

The woman could be forgiven for thinking hedgerow down quiet country lane outside the city of Kharkiv, Ukraine, would be a safe place to briefly do her business.

But as followers of the Instagram account Look At This Russian have commented, "no one is safe" from Google Maps technology.

An individual can be seen with their trousers pulled down to their thighs, exposing their bum as they squat over greenery.

While dozens of comments controversially argued over the location being a Russian territory, others found the incident hilarious.

One joked: "KGB drone caught Bae slippin."

Another said: "You can't sh** in peace."

"We've all been there," a third sympathised.

Replicating the video shared on Instagram, the Daily Star has tracked down the scene only to confirm a comment on the post was correct.

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Someone wrote: "Just checked this and now they have the whole person blurred out. What a shame"

Whereas previously only the person's face was blurred for privacy reasons, now their entire body has been censored by Google.

Exploring the road online reveals it is dotted with small detached houses and just stone's throw from the squatting woman is a kid's play park.

In it is a slide, seesaw, swing, and roundabout but fortunately, it was empty of any youngsters at the time who may have accidentally strolled past the nearby rogue activity on Sokolovska Street.

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