Harry and Wills had no peace talks and distance remains, royal expert claims

Prince Harry and Prince William are still distanced had no "peace talks" during the Duke of Sussex's UK return for the Princess Diana statue unveiling, a royal biographer has claimed.

Harry jetted back to the UK for the statue’s unveiling on July 1, which took place on what would have been Princess Diana’s 60th birthday, and both he and William were all smiles.

The brothers' supposed fraught relationship has been well-documented in recent months and there were reports that the unveiling would be a chance for the pair to have "peace talks".

But Omid Scobie, who co-wrote Harry and Meghan Markle's biography Finding Freedom, has dismissed these suggestions.

Speaking on his podcast The Heirpod, he said: “I think no matter how you feel about someone or how strained a relationship might be, it's impossible to still live in that when you're sharing such a special moment – that was remembering the life of their mother.

“So the smiles that we saw on their faces were obviously very genuine and I'm sure there was a huge amount of warmth between the brothers at that moment, simply by the act of what they were doing.

“Now does that mean that there were conversations and peace talks taking place on this trip like some were reporting? Absolutely not.

“That distance that was there with the brothers before the trip remains there as Harry heads back to the US and William gets on with his life over here.”

Omid likened the brief reunion to the brothers’ “ice-breaker” moment at the Duke of Edinburgh’s funeral earlier this year.

He said: “That moment we saw the brothers together was just like the ice-breaker that had not happened for over a year. I think what we saw was perhaps one tiny step forward.

“Time is always a healer, and I think there are clearly things that need to be discussed between the brothers.

"But time and place is something you've got to bear in mind, too. [The unveiling] was not that.

“Neither is Harry currently living here or spending huge amounts of time here, either. He’s got a growing family to care for in the US and he didn’t stick around for particularly long."

Omid added: “But just to share that moment together is something that they’ll never forget.”

It comes as a lip reader revealed to Daily Star that William gave a warning to Harry about the importance of unveiling the Diana statue correctly.

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