Harry clearly a lot happier in US away from UK spotlight, expert claims

Prince Harry is a lot happier living in the US since his move away from the Royal Family, a royal expert has claimed.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have been heavily invested in charity work and world issues since they left the royal family, launching their non-profit organisation Archewell.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex announced they would be stepping back from senior royal duties on January 8, 2020.

Rebecca English, Daily Mail's Royal Editor told Palace Confidential that she could tell by Harry's "face and his demeanour" that he is happier overseas, Express reports.

She said: "I worked with him for many years and just by the look on his face and his demeanour, he clearly is a lot happier in the US with what he’s doing there compared to what he was doing here – and good luck to him."

The expert was referring to Prince Harry's appearance in a discussion with a US think tank about disinformation, which he published on the website for Archewell – the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s foundation.

He described the “mis- and disinformation crisis” as a global humanitarian issue.

The Duke made several "jabs" at social media companies as well as journalists, who he referred to as "pirates with press passes".

“It’s just the constant jabs and the constant barbs which get people’s backs up," English said.

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The Archewell report urged “substantial” investment in local journalism, more diverse workforces at social media companies, holding misinformation spreaders to account, and creating a governmental “national response strategy” for tackling misinformation.

The report said: “Information disorder makes any health crisis more deadly.

“It slows down our response time on climate change.

“It undermines democracy.

“It creates a culture in which racist, ethnic, and gender attacks are seen as solutions, not problems.

“Today, mis- and disinformation have become a force multiplier for exacerbating our worst problems as a society.

“Hundreds of millions of people pay the price, every single day, for a world disordered by lies.”

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