Harry ‘showed discomfort’ in TV appearance with Meghan after getting ‘upstaged’

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Prince Harry showed signs of “discomfort” in as he made his first primetime TV appearance alongside Meghan Markle for TIME 100’s virtual ceremony, according to a body language expert.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex used their speech yesterday (September 22) to urge the American public to vote in the elections on November 3, from what appeared to be their new garden.

But the body language of the pair was vastly different, according to expert Judi James.

Speaking exclusively to Daily Star Online she said: “You have to feel some sympathy for Harry here, not only is he asked to urge people to vote in an election that he can’t vote in himself, he also gets upstaged by the walk-on appearance of a large black dog as he makes his often rather awkward-looking appeal.”

Judi explained how Harry “sucked his lips in” as well as moving the corners of his mouth “erratically”.

“He rubbed his thumbs together in what looked like a self-comfort signal and at one point he even knitted his fingers together then flexed them in what looked like a knuckle-crack,” she adds.

All these signs point to a feeling of “subtle discomfort” by the Duke of Sussex.

Meghan, meanwhile, looked full of confidence. Her positioning in the centre of the bench, Judi explains, shows her “taking the maximum space again and clearly the lead”.

She added: “Her rounded-cheek smiles, her direct eye contact and her poise were in contrast to Harry’s gestures.”

But when Harry spoke about his lack of a vote in the US, Meghan also showed a sign of discomfort, Judi claims.

“She turned to gaze to Harry but her leg-rub suggested she was suppressing her own thoughts here and might prefer to speak rather than listen,” the expert said.

“Her eyes darted sideways and slightly upward as though reflecting on her husband’s lack of a vote and it was the only moment of what looked like discomfort in her usual, elegant and confident, regal-looking performance.

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