Hawkes Bays most ignored intersection? Video confirms 90 per cent of drivers roll right through

A trial roundabout is set to be installed at a notorious Napier intersection after council monitoring found that 90 per cent of drivers fail to stop at the stop sign.

Napier City Council conducted video monitoring of the intersection of Hastings St and Vautier St and found that less than 10 per cent of drivers come to a complete stop at the signs either side of Hastings St.

Those travelling along Vautier St have the right of way.

Craig Williams, chief executive of the Napier RSA that sits on the corner of the two streets, was unsurprised by the findings.

“There has always been an issue on this corner,” he said.

“I think people largely ignore the stop sign. They all just roll right through.”

From cars hitting the curb, to drivers going through the front of the RSA building, he said they had “shared in almost every one”.

“Some have been quite severe with serious injuries.”

Williams said there appeared to be some confusion when there shouldn’t be.

“You would think Hastings St is the principal right of way compared to Vautier St which is a secondary street.

“You have to physically stop.”

He said there was also an issue of people assuming those who were stopped were giving way in relation to an old road rule – left-turning vehicles gave way to right-turning vehicles – which has now been retired.

He supported the idea of a roundabout and thought it would be “beneficial”.

“Napier and roundabouts go hand in hand – they are everywhere.

“Generally people are more conscious about what goes on in a roundabout.”

Council will install a temporary roundabout as part of a three-month trial to improve both traffic flow and safety at the intersection.

The temporary roundabout will be installed on Monday.

Napier City Council has been approached for further comment.

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