Heavy police presence for arrest of truck driver in Westbank First Nation

RCMP appeared to have their weapons out and pointed at a driver in the ditch on Westbank First Nation Wednesday afternoon.

Just after 3 p.m., a police dog and half a dozen officers surrounded the truck near Westside Road and Nancee Way.

“It was like out of a movie. It happened very, very fast,” witness Trish Crick said.

“All of a sudden police officers were running and created a roadblock, and then officers got out of their vehicles guns in hand,” Crick continued.

“Then the truck tried to go around the roadblock, couldn’t get through the ditch, tipped a little bit on its side, and then they were just yelling and screaming telling him to get out of the truck.”

In a video that Crick took of the scene, officers can be heard yelling for the driver to put his hands up.

“He couldn’t open his door, so they got him out of the window, and they told him to get the cigarette out of his mouth,” Crick said. “He still, through all that, had a cigarette in his mouth.”

The man could then be seen lying on the ground before he was arrested in a second video.

Crick said the driver had crossed the centre line a number of times while driving down Westside Road.

“It could have been a really traumatic situation,” she said, adding that she was glad RCMP were on hand to respond to the incident.

Police have not yet responded to a request for details on the incident.

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