Hilarious CCTV shows ‘guard dog’ failing test by napping during fake armed raid

This is the hilarious moment a "guard dog" sleeps through security training despite her jewellery shop owner being threatened by a gun-wielding "robber".

The chubby Husky, named Lucky, became an internet star when the CCTV of the security exercise emerged on social media.

Her owner Worawut Lomwanawong, who owned a gold jewellery shop in Chiang Mai of northern Thailand, joked that his pet cared more about sleep than guarding the store.

In the footage, a policeman posing as a robber walks into the store and threatens Worawut to hand out a bag of cash with a replica automatic handgun.

During the confrontation, Worawut keeps glancing to his side and whispers under his breath to try to alert the pooch, hoping Lucky to spring into life and snarl at the man, who is demanding money at gunpoint.

But Lucky continues snoozing by the front counter and refuses to move an inch.

The training was deemed unsuccessful when Worawut had no choice but to hand the money to the "robber".

The shop owner said: "I just realised that Lucky has different priorities. He likes to sleep more than to guard our store.

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  • "I have tried training him what to do in cases like this, but he just slept during our simulation.

    "If it was an actual robbery I would have been dead. He'd probably leave the robber if he was offered treats."

    Despite the failed security simulation, the pet owner said he still loves to have the adorable husky in their store.

    He said: "I named him Lucky because he brings me luck. Maybe that's his purpose, to make everyone around him happy and not to guard stores."

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