Hip-hop producer knocks man out with one punch after being hit by his girlfriend

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A hip-hop producer has knocked out a tourist in a single punch after having a row with his girlfriend at a hotel.

The American musician, who goes by the name HL Thompson, was filmed having a heated argument with a woman inside the Hilton hotel in Rio de Janeiro, capital city of Brazil.

In the clip, HL and a couple are seen gathering in the lobby area of the hotel where three to four hotel staff try to intervene the trio.

At one point, a woman in a red bikini goes up to HL and snatches his red cap off him before slapping him in the face.

The hip-hop producer hunk quickly fights back and throws a powerful punch to the woman's boyfriend, who is seen standing against the wall in the background.

The strong blow hits the man in the face and he falls to the ground, with his glasses flying through the air.

At least two hotel staff grab hold of the woman's arm while a third escorts SlyFox out of the scene.

The man left lying on the floor is reportedly a German tourist, who is the boyfriend of the Brazilian woman.

According to local media reports, all of them have already left Brazil since the incident at December 30.

Initial reports stated that the trio started an argument because the couple were not happy that the music producer had been seen before them.

HL was said to be a "diamond customer", which entitles to priority service under the hotel chain's loyalty programme.

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The musician went on to Twitter claiming he was the target of racist abuse by the couple during the incident.

The Hilton hotel released a statement saying that it is cooperating with the police and their investigation into the dispute, according to local media reports.

Police are investigating the incident and reviewing the footage.

They are also reportedly planning to interview staff and speak to the manager.

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