Homeowner’s horror as CCTV films stranger getting dog to poo on his lawn

A homeowner was left fuming when he re-watched CCTV to find a dog owner encouraging her pet to poo on his front garden.

The bizarre incident was caught on the man's home security camera in Oakfield Close, Norton, Stoke-on-Trent at around 11.30am on Tuesday, October 13.

Footage shared with StokeonTrent Live shows the woman carrying her pet, which appears to be a chihuahua or similar small dog breed, under her arm before placing it on the lawn.

She watches on as the dog sniffs around the grass before picking its spot and relieving its bowels.

The homeowner said the video showed how irresponsible the dog owner was and complained that he had to scoop up and dispose of the mess following the revolting incident.

And residents on the normally-quiet estate were outraged after the video was shared on social media.

One woman said: "That's disgusting. I always make sure my dogs don’t go on anyone’s gardens and drag them off if I have to."

A second said: "The cheek of her! Wow, that actually fumed me up and it's not my property. It's disrespectful, rude and bang out of order."

And a third added: "This woman has got more front than Blackpool."

Others suggested the householder should have returned the poop to its owner by posting it through her letterbox.

One woman said: "Wow, that's never right. I’d have to put it through her letterbox."

According to the Dog Fouling Act of 2016, it is illegal to leave dog waste in the majority of public spaces but it doesn’t apply on rural common land, marshland and motorways.

If you see a dog owner who is continuously breaking the dog fouling laws, you can report them to your local council.

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