Horde of rats run outside restaurants and takeaways in stomach-churning footage

A grim video shows dozens of rats scurrying around bins in a filthy alleyway near restaurants and takeaways.

In the clip, filmed at night in Middlesbrough, the brazen rodents are scurrying around next to commercial-sized bins in search of scraps of food to eat.

A man then appears and appears to dispose of a bucket near where the bins are, with rats running and jumping around his feet.

"Not even bothered," the person filming appears to say.

The council said it was making an effort to control rat populations in Linthorpe Road – where the footage was taken – but hinted local businesses needed to do more to stop encouraging vermin such as throwing away rubbish properly.

A Middlesbrough Council spokesman told TeesideLive it "responds to all reports of pests and rodents" and pest controllers were sent on multiple occasions over the past few months to try and get rid of the rats.

He added: "We will be visiting the site once more as soon as possible to assess the situation again and decide on the best course of action.

"We would like to take this opportunity to remind all businesses and residents to ensure all waste is bagged and then deposited in the appropriate bins as this helps to reduce the source of food for rodents."

This comes after footage of rats running amock over uncovered croissants in a branch of Sainsbury's horrified customers.

Sainsbury's shopper Anthony posted the footage to his Instagram story alongside a vomiting emoji and since it was posted, it has sparked a reaction from disgusted viewers.

One person said: "This video is a perfect example of why supermarkets need to stop selling pastry out in the open like this.

"It's not just the rats it's the flies too."

Wild rats can carry killer diseases which is why their presence is problematic and indicative of unsanitary conditions.

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